Kriegsspiel Maps in the British Library

by Bill Leeson

The British Library contains a number of maps, to see them you have to obtain a readers card and order them in the maps and chart room.

1874. Plan fur das Detachments Kriegsspiel, Meckel.

These are 8 inch to a mile or 1:7500 scale war game maps. Maurizio Bragaglia has found a smaller version for Strategic War games. British Library Maps. 6 d 14.

Hills East of Dorking, Hills West of Dorking.

These were 6 inches to a mile maps which were used by the British Army for war games. British Library (Maps 37 b 48).

1866. Neue Plane fur das Kriegsspiel und fur Benutzung fur Taktische Aufgaben.

Herr Oberst Freiherr von Pidoll 1:7200. ( sheets for the Austrian Army K. See July Militair Zeitschrift 1865, also Streffleur Vol.1 p 381 1865. British Library Maps 27727 (42).

1866. Military Tactics.

A series of six maps to illustrate various military tactics. British Library Maps 999(92).

Plan fur Feld Kriegsspiel.

Jicin (Gitscin) 1:8000 scale British Library Maps 27195 (1).

1872. Plan des Schlachtfeldes von Metz fur Das Feld Kriegsspiel.

105 Sections. Scale 1:8000. 105 sections - A2 sheets. British Library Maps 33e8.

1870. Schlachtfelder bei Metz 1870.

(A collection of 57 orthographic views) British Library Maps 24 aa 22).

1866. Plan des Schlachtfeldes von Koniggratz.

1: 25,00. 4 sheets. This would be a smaller version of The Konigratz battlefield 1:8000 mentioned in Militar Wochenblatt no. 37, 1869, by v. Troschke. British Library Maps 27353 (5).

The British Library Map collection can be searched online here.